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You should eat less! Bloggers ridiculed Mariah Carey for photoshop inept

Mariah Carey is again in the enviable status of the bride, and this status, of course, have to comply with. Apparently, this is what guided the singer when he posted a recent picture in Instagram.

On Thanksgiving Day, Mariah decided to please fans with a new picture in which she poses with a delicious pie. But instead of admiration, the artist caused only hurtful jokes bloggers!

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In the photo it is noticeable that Mariah has thoroughly adjusted his own volume with the help of photoshop, and very clumsily. The items standing in the hips and shoulders of the stars got blurry, demonstrating the pre-treatment photo.

Followers advised the singer not to get involved with festive treats, but rather, to eat less, so you do not have to seek the assistance of photo editors.

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Recall that recently the 48-year-old Australian billionaire James Packer severed ties with Mariah Carey, but behaved like a real gentleman and did not return the engagement ring that spent $10 million. Singer believes that the ex-lover had ruined her life, and requires compensation in the amount of $ 50 million!

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