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You have death shines

У вас смерть просвечивает

When the state at every step proves that he doesn’t care about its citizens, no propaganda techniques no longer work.

The fame of the Perm art object “Happiness not far off” in the night of 11 October has turned into “Death is not far off.” So-so performance — grim and straightforward for my taste. However, when in stepped the government, it was a real action. An ugly word “death” officials decided to hang a banner “Russia — my story”, but Kamsky strong wind tore the cloth from his hands, can not afford to cover the “death” of “history.” Then, of course, pulled — but the letters stubbornly shone through.

So, two unknown artist — one informal, the other is likely at the post — co-authored a true masterpiece. “Death” and “Russian history” is really long fall. Question — will there ever be this couple to break up? Still does not work.

I saw recently in the news two stories back to back.

The first from Germany. There to find the body of a woman missing 25 years ago, the police decided to drain the lake Titisee near Bremen. The event is difficult and expensive, but, according to the logic of the German authorities, you can’t just go and close the case for lack of evidence even after a quarter-century. Everyone deserves and is worthy of life and worthy of death. And punishment of those to blame for the death was premature. Suspects in there, I think my husband missing.

The second theme is Russian. About the girl from Saratov, who died at the age of 28 because vital pharmaceuticals from diabetes in the city was over. They were not in pharmacies in almost six months! Soon the family became money and pay for medication. The Saratov society of diabetics, if you remember, at the signal of one Patriotic kid just last summer, recognized as a “foreign agent”, it undermines the authority of the state, doubts about the quality of domestic insulin.

After the trial the society of diabetics self-destructed. These NGOs collected funds, which previously helped the citizens in shortages of medicines, went to court penalties. That is, there is help the girl also could not get. And died. Although in the twenty-first century people with diabetes live happily ever after, of course, if they were lucky to be born in countries where care for the person — not just an election slogan.

The Prosecutor’s office began checking on the fact of death. A criminal case against prevent drug shortages. Probably, some of the scapegoats will be removed from office or fined. But neither young patriots “student of Putin’s staff,” who snitched on diabetics, no forensic expert, who found in the work of NGOs is a danger for Russia, nor the judge recognize the society “noagenda” and ordered the penalties, nor the authors of the law on “registered as a foreign agent” of punishment will not suffer. It may, of course, some of them conscience torment, but that hope is small.

Here and press Secretary to the President, commenting on the death in Saratov, asking not to generalize to say: “occasionally a problem happens”, but “the Ministry of health provides more generalized data”. Translated into ordinary — not inflate, not all dying EN masse from deficit of medicines.

Just think, one girl, a less. The country is huge, a lot of people. Covered colorful banner “Russia” unpleasant word “death” — and the business.

Afraid to slide into pathos, but I think it is this difference of approaches to specific, name and patronymic, human life is the main contradiction, which the last years, literally tearing our society. Who is more important — the citizens or the state? We are for it or it for us? Whether society is ready again to be the only Foundation on which to build “great Russia”, or for many centuries is a little tired to lay down his life for the sake of a “bright future”, which still can not come.

Why is anyone who criticizes the insulin — noagent, the enemy, the fifth column, and the one who produces domestic insulin (giving severe, even lethal, complications), and those who in the Ministry of health signs a permission to use it, and the one who prohibits the supply in country quality of imported medicines is well done and the patriots?

Who did more damage to the Russian space industry — Elon Musk or Dmitry Rogozin? Another good thing that the astronauts after a crash of the “Union” was still alive. And if I died, we would again have received comments in the spirit of “do not generalize, there are always tragedies”? Yes, there are everywhere. But often where they do not investigate and appoint guilty aliens, that American spies. About the economic damage even uncomfortable — the accident happened in the midst of discussions about the fate of the ISS, Russia’s ability to deliver to the station of astronauts and the desire of NASA to pay for it. And something tells me, “Unions” will not bring the country neither fame nor money.

When people take to the streets to protest against corruption and weird, to put it mildly, the pension reform, they’re mostly not going to overthrow the regime. They are protesting against the specific thieves, fools, liars, Amateurs in power. Fools and thieves are on the other side of the fence, but out of power, they are still less dangerous to life and health of citizens.

Quite worn out this Patriotic banner. All the more noticeable it Shine letters, of which does not add up to the word “happiness”.

Victoria Voloshina

© 2018, All rights reserved.

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