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YotaPhone 3 can show this summer

YotaPhone 2 with two screens, positioned as an advanced mobile phone, developed in Russia, was presented with great pathos, and with an equally loud Bang, he then fell on sale and now costs around 7,000 rubles when ordering from China.

It is hoped that the YotaPhone 3, his direct descendant, will be better and more accessible, especially to present it can this summer. According to that information, in the summer of 2017 will start collecting funds for the production YotaPhone 3, and it will be due to the fact that in March of this year, major Chinese investor, has promised mountains of gold, disappeared in an unknown direction without providing money. The claim was made that the prototype of the YotaPhone 3 is already ready, but we are never shown and all that we have is applied to the text teaser.

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If this summer to demonstrate the appearance and features of the YotaPhone 3 will again take place, the trust limit has been exhausted, and few people dare to invest their own money into a project that no one has ever seen. By the way, YotaPhone 3 was supposed to come out in early 2016, but, as you know, all the deadlines have long broken, and things there. Let’s recall that YotaPhone is characterized by the presence of an additional screen on the back panel, based on electronic ink with a mobile phone can be used as a compact reader.

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