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Yoga Skin beauty trend gaining Instagram

The world of beauty is constantly changing. But in contrast to the bleached eyebrows, nails, heart-shaped and orange contouring, latest beauty trick is really worth a try. Now the wearer of the network around the world create the effect of Yoga Skin healthy, hydrated, shiny skin, like after class Bikram yoga (“hot yoga”). Together with the expert figure out how to repeat a fashionable make your own.

What is Yoga Skin?

You have a dull complexion? Annoying dark circles under the eyes? You are concerned about acne? New make-up technique, created by British make-up artist Sara hill, promises to deftly deal with all of this and do miracles. It’s called Yoga Skin. Click on the hashtag in Instagram and you will see many examples.

If Skin Glass (“glass skin”) is the creation of perfect and literally flawless complexion, which as if covered with a glossy transparent film, Yoga Skin means as close as possible to a natural dewy glow. Shiny skin (not to be confused with oily Shine!) without the layer of makeup — after yoga, when because blood flow skin seemed to glow from within.
I called this make-up Yoga Skin because it mimics the gorgeous lights, which is testing the skin on your face when you exercise yoga: juicy and superalliance. The objective of this technique is not in hiding skin imperfections and creating her moist new version, explains Sarah.

How to repeat

Sarah hill has revealed all the secrets in the video to Instagram. This technique is performed in eight stages. To begin, apply your favorite cleanser for the skin. Give it at least a couple of minutes to absorb. Next, apply a thin layer of Foundation silicone based, thereby aligning the skin color. You can now begin creating Yoga Skin.


1. Create your “tone mix”: mix cream, one drop of facial oil, a few drops of a Golden liquid highlighter and highlighter with a high concentration of pearl luster. If you have dry skin, add in the “tone mix” a small amount of moisturizer.

Hill advises to apply a cocktail it with your fingers, not a brush. So you will improve blood circulation, relax and smooth vellus hair. Want a more heavy coverage, apply layer by layer. Just give each layer time to soak in and harden.

2. Apply liquid or cream concealer to the places where needed. To do this, use a fluffy brush to apply shadow is applied the tool will look more natural.

3. Add a bit of cream blush or cream bronzer.

4. Can apply a small amount of powder on cheeks and cheekbones. But remember that the goal of Yoga Skin — give your skin a natural. So powder it is important not to overdo it. Better use the spray for fixing make-up (please note that it does not contain alcohol).

5. Finally, comb eyebrows transparent gel and apply a light cream shadow on the entire mobile eyelid.

6. Enjoy “divine glow” to your skin.


Makeup artist recommends not to make any bright accents, however, this make also goes well with a dark smoky or red matte lipstick. Skin Yoga is a universal trend which is suitable for everyone, regardless of color or skin type.

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