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Yevgeny Tsyganov offered Julia Snigir married


For Yulia Snigir Yevgeny Tsyganov left the family, leaving the civil wife Irina Leonov and seven children. New girlfriend also gave birth to the actor of the child — the son of Fyodor. After the birth of a boy, the actress was briefly in the decree. After a couple of months again she started to work, giving the son to the foster grandma.

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It seems that soon in the family and Tsyganov Snigir is coming another significant event. The correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” managed to find out from friends of the actors, what are they going to get married. The lovers themselves refuse to comment on their relationship, but the grandfather of Julia Victor Sirikin spoke about her wedding with only a few pieces.

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“To the wedding personally, I’m good. I only! Well, Eugene is serious about Julia and their family. They are all wonderful, they are very suited to each other. Roma — nice guy, talented, and caring. Children he has a lot, but he does not throw, everyone helps,” — said the grandfather of the actress.


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