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Yet the interested employees of the Cabinet

Антикоррупционеры заинтересовались работниками КабминаThus, the Prosecutor’s office is looking for defendants in criminal proceedings due to tax returns.

Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office in August decided to collect information about all members of the Cabinet of Ministers Volodymyr hroysman. This is stated in the letter of the Deputy head of SAP Vladimir Krivenko, which was circulated by the head of the expert organization StateWatch Gleb Kanevsky.

In particular, COAG requested the Cabinet to provide information about appointed from January 2016 until August 2018 by acting Ministers, first Deputy heads, Deputy Ministers, secretaries of the Cabinet and their deputies.

In addition to personal data, the ARS were asked to provide the numbers of the orders on appointment and updated information, are these people in these positions.

Prosecutors also demanded information about dismissed from these positions during the same period. The Cabinet also needs to provide reasons why the officials were fired, and give the numbers of the orders of dismissal.

The same information ARS requested in respect of the heads of Central Executive authorities who are not members of the Cabinet, and their deputies.

“So SAP is looking for defendants in criminal proceedings because late filed returns or changes to them,” – said Kanev.

In the prosecution of such a massive collection of information about top officials explained the peculiarities of the law that “the prosecutors assigned to the specially authorized subjects in the sphere of corruption counteraction”.

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