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Yellow severity: in Kiev predict a storm and strong wind

Желтый уровень опасности: в Киеве прогнозируют грозу и сильный ветерBad weather will last until the end of the day.

On Tuesday, may 7, in Kiev predict rain, thunderstorm and strong wind, which can reach 20 meters per second. In this regard, capital has announced the first danger level. To avoid injury, residents and guests of the capital should be extremely careful and follow simple rules.

Bad weather will last until the end of the day.

What to do when strong gusts of wind
all the house Windows tightly closed, clean with balconies and loggias items that can fall out;
if you were on the street to stay away from billboards, power lines, trees;
in the event of strong winds take refuge in the nearest building or natural shelter;

avoid being near large trees, especially poplars, and also not to Park next to them vehicles.

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When the wind is strong often do not withstand tree branches. In the morning you can unpleasantly surprised to find that one of them fell on your car. In this case, you can count on help from the state, more about this you can tell the lawyers.

What if the car fell a tree

The main rule of behavior in such situations: don’t touch anything. First you need to understand whether you can expect help from the state.

If before the incident was a storm warning – unfortunately, you are guilty and the state will not help you. But if the warning was not safely call the police. They will have to make the report and certificate of inspection. The Protocol should be as follows:
– description of damage;
– shows the number of hidden damage;
– provided photo and video evidence.

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You will then need to assess the damage to independent examination.

Then you should take a meteorologist certificate stating that on the day of the incident was not the announcement of the storm.

Next, it is necessary to understand organization. If so, see if this organization pay for your expenses. Ready? Then there is no problem. Not ready? Apply to the court. If the organization you do not know, you should send a complaint to the district administration, demanding to find the culprit.

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