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Yekaterina Varnava scandal on the set of the show

Екатерина Варнава устроила скандал на съемках шоуThe girl yelled at the master of the show.

Even resistant to caustic remarks and satire psyche yumoristka Catherine Barnabas could not resist the attacks and tough, sometimes even cruel humor and questions on the show “the Money or the shame.” As it became known, Barnabas left the Studio project, interrupting shooting.

Note that recently on the channel ТНТ4 launched a new show “the Money or the shame”, where the presenter — comedian uncle Victor, star project Comedy battle and “Laughter without rules”, the star offers its guests a million rubles in exchange for something that will discuss various facts of life and ask uncomfortable questions. If the topic seems inappropriate star, she can opt out by paying a certain amount.

Екатерина Варнава устроила скандал на съемках шоу

Recently, the heroine of the show visited the 32-year-old Catherine Barnabas, recently commenting on anorexia, which she is credited. As stated, the leading uncut asked questions on the forbidden topics, but Catherine was not ready for such questioning. In the end, Catherine Barnabas quarreled with comedian and ran out of the Studio before the end of filming. After Catherine Barnabas, which was banned entry to Ukraine, admitted that he felt a great relief, after leaving the Studio.

“For the first time in my life I yelled at the man and was relieved. Usually there is a moment of awkwardness when you start to blame yourself and think: “why I him so!”And now I’m talking to you and know that everything is done correctly. I think my friends first hear how angry I am, because usually with your friends and loved ones I am not”.

Екатерина Варнава устроила скандал на съемках шоу

I could not stand the Barnabas too explicit jokes and questions on the topic of her appearance and possible operations.

“After this program, I will not say under no circumstances on the subject of her appearance. For me is very important context when you raise a particular topic. Actually, uncle Victor is the only man in my life, which to me didn’t stand on ceremony”.

Video from the shooting is intriguing, therefore, we are confident that the new edition of the show “the Money or the shame of” will watch very many. Caution, video 18.

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