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Yegor Beroev, Ksenia Alferova and other stars took to the ice with special children

Yesterday at ENEA held a charity day in which funds were raised for the funds of the “I am”, the hospice charity Fund “Vera” and the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation.

On the ice with the children with disabilities left many stars, including the founders of the Foundation “I am” Xenia Alferov and Yegor Beroev, actress Catherine Spitz, Andrew Merzlikina and Vyacheslav Fetisov.

Thank you to all our friends who came to support the Fund “I am!”, Fund Vera and Konstantin Khabensky Foundation on the main rink, the rink ENEA! Friends, charity day proceeds, today the rink is open until 22.00, you have the opportunity not only fun, but also a good thing to do, as all proceeds will be directed to these funds! Good evening, and I ran the play to play. Your Xenia! #grannycookies #fondant #will come true #fonder #fondamentale #ENEA #grannycookies @garburito #PR #Spitz #Yashin @arnosha

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A photo posted by Ksenia Alferova (@ksenialferova) on Jan 28, 2017 at 7:40am PST

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“It’s great that every year people, especially those who came to our joint celebration is getting bigger. You have fun with your family and at the same time doing a good thing. Our special children-wards of Fund “I am!”, ride along with everyone together with all, anybody each other does not prevent many help. A small amount spent on a ticket will help to save a child’s life, or worthy to spend my last days with someone in hospice, or to socialize special the child is. All smiles, hand in hand, and thus, goodness becomes one smile more,” — said Alferov.

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Today at the rink ENEA charity day! All proceeds from ticket sales go to the funds #Eesti #faith #findcontainers .Come quick! The weather is great!#Katayama #katekwan

Photo published by Katherine Spitz (@katerinashpitsa) Jan 28 2017 at 2:23 PST

Many children with special needs first ventured out on the ice and ice skating. Many of the Foundation’s Alferova and Beroev diagnosed with cerebral palsy and down syndrome, but despite all the diagnoses, the children of this day have fun, overcome your fears and have a good ride on the ice.

Let’s see, how was the evening part of our Charity day, and the full version of the video interview of Ksenia Alferova look at our page Vkontakte and Facebook! #kotisaari

A video posted by ENEA (@vdnh_russia) on Jan 28, 2017 at 11:27am PST

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