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Yarosh said about the preparation of Russia to the great war

Ярош заявил о подготовке России к большой войнеAccording to him, Western countries need to respond to more stringent sanctions.

The deployment of Russian troops on the borders with the European States testifies only to one – about the preparation of the Kremlin for a major war.

“Russia is now preparing for a major war. We see this in concentration strike groups around the perimeter of Ukraine and not only – on the borders of the Baltic States and Finland. Here I can only quote the poet:” mind can not understand Russia, no yardstick to measure “, – said Yarosh .

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According to him, Western countries need to respond to this more severe sanctions and “more significant steps”, because Russia is an experienced player.

When energy prices went up again, Russia continues to hand out money. She destabilizie the situation in the middle East – their structure manifest themselves in Syria, South Sudan, Libya and other countries. And rising energy prices, on which they rely, to a certain extent compensates for the losses that they cause sanctions, – said Dmitry Yarosh.

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Recall that on 5 February, Russia has deployed in the Kaliningrad region operational-tactical missile complexes (PTRC) “Iskander”, which can carry a nuclear warhead and intends to leave them there permanently.

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