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Yarosh called 3 factors that destabilisateur Russia

Ярош назвал 3 фактора, которые дестабилизируют РоссиюThe Ukrainian situation also found place in the list.

Among the destabilizing factors, which Ukraine can use in the fight against Russia, the MP Dmitry Yarosh called the Muslim factor, China factor in Siberia and the multi-million Ukrainian Diaspora.

Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia does not use the opportunities that are available within the aggressor country. This opinion was expressed by the extra fractional people’s Deputy, ex-leader of “Right sector” Dmitry Yarosh.

“They have a bunch of destabilizing factors, which Ukraine should include in the action. It is the North Caucasus, it is the Muslim factor is the Chinese factor in Siberia, is the multi-million Ukrainian Diaspora, which generally no one works… This develops a sense of… Russia to undermine from the inside,” he said.

According to Yarosh, the threat of the Ukrainian statehood will remain as long as there is a “Russian Empire”.

“This Empire as the Empire needs to be destroyed. Then Ukraine can continue as a independent state to develop,” – said the MP.

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