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Yarmolenko has become the 10th member of the Club Oleg Blokhin, who scored 150 goals

Ярмоленко – 10-й член Клуба Олега Блохина, забивший 150 мячейThe leader of “Dynamo” and national team of Ukraine Andriy Yarmolenko has reached the mark of 150 goals at a professional level.

Anniversary ball Yarmolenko scored in yesterday’s match of the championship against Ukraine, “Alexandria”. His 150th goal in his career the pupil of “Dynamo” scored very impressive – Yarmolenko, going tete-a-tete with the goalkeeper and easily defeated him, then in one motion removed from his path came to the rescue of the defender and knocked the ball into the unprotected goal. At the end of the match the 27-year-old converted a penalty and scored 14 twice in his career.

Dynamo Yarmolenko scored 122 goals (88 – Ukrainian championship, 18 – and 16 European cups – the Cup of Ukraine). In matches for the national team of Ukraine on account of a native of St. Petersburg of 29 punches. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Top 10 Club members Oleg Blokhin

1. Andriy Shevchenko – 374 goals
2. Oleg Blokhin – 336
3. Oleg Protasov – 275
4. Serhiy Rebrov – 219
5. Alexander Ponomarev – 184
6. Maksim Shatskikh – 171
7. Yevhen Seleznyov – 154
8. Andriy Vorobey – 152
9. Ivan Getsko – 151
10. Andriy Yarmolenko – 151

The closest candidate to repeat the achievements of Andriy Yarmolenko is the forward of “Rostov” Marko Devic, on account of which 136 goals. In the future, this mark can surrender to Oleksandr hladkyi (109 goals).

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