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Yanukovych took the “Crimean mezhigorye”

У Януковича отобрали «крымское Межигорье»Villa on the promontory of Ayia issued to the firm associated with Gennady Timchenko.

Villa of ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych at Cape Aya in the Crimea has passed to the company “Bereg” associated with the structures of Gennady Timchenko, Nikolai Shamalov, Sergei Rudnova and Sergei Roldugin – friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This was reported in the investigation of the project “Municipal scanner”.

The former recreation center at Cape Aya was privatized by the family of Yanukovych in 2007, at the same time with “mezhigoryem”. After the purchase, the perimeter was erected the fence, cut down trees, and construction began.

After the flight of Yanukovych and the annexation of the Crimea Prosecutor’s office of Sevastopol appealed to the court about the demolition of unauthorized buildings (boiler house, protection, transmission) on site. May 18, 2015, the court decided to dismantle them. But the Sevastopol city court overturned the decision, and nothing did not demolish.

In the summer of 2015 Pro-Russian activist, Moscow municipal Deputy Vladimir Garnachuk tried to inspect the construction at Cape Aya, but saw only the deaf high fence and a guard who promised him “not to go home”.

In January 2016, the Governor Sergei Menyailo, who is the representative of Putin in Siberia, at a press conference said that seeking the demolition of a fence around the property, and stated that it can be handed over to the Russian authorities.

The fence had not been demolished and ownership of the estate passed to the structures of Putin’s friends. In may 2016, all of the objects from OOO “Nord-2007”, under the control of the Yanukovich family, moved, OOO “Chance”. The last registered address of Sankt-Petersburg 11-I V., d. 38 along with “Suburban environment”, the ultimate owner of which is “Support for Business Initiatives” Yuri and Boris Kovalchuk (co-owners of Bank “Russia” and Putin’s friends).

16 Jun 2017 “Chance” sells a house on Cape Aya company “Bereg”, land plots for Villa rental are made for “Shore”. According to the data of Rosreestr, the construction of the Villa on Cape Aya continues and performed by 70-90%.

Bereg, OOO was established on 31 may 2017. General Director Pavel Zaitsev, who directs and owner of “Bank” – JSC “Golden gate”. Also Pavel Zaitsev-Director General of NP “Development of an Effective Market Investment,” Gennady Timchenko (co-owner of Bank “Russia”) and Pyotr Kolbin (a former butcher, a former shareholder of Gunvor, another friend of Putin since 1954), co-founder NP “the revival of the traditions and culture of a country holiday “South Park” along with Nikolai Shamalov (co-owner of Bank Rossiya) and co-founder NP “the Revival of Maritime tradition” along with a member of the Board of Directors of Bank “Russia” Dmitry Mansurov.

The company “Bereg” and “Golden gate” was in the building, which is pledged to the Bank “Russia” on the mortgage. OOO “Volna”, which owns this building, through OOO “Ikar” belongs to Sergey Rudnova, the son of the late Oleg Rudnova. Oleg Rudnev – founder of the Baltic media group, a friend of Putin. From 2009 to 2012, “Wave” belonged to cellist and friend of Putin, Sergei Roldugin and co-founder of the non-commercial partnership “Supporting of children’s sport”, Vladislav Kopylov.

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