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Yanukovych admitted that divorced his wife after 45 years of marriage

Янукович признался, что развелся с женой после 45 лет бракаThe former President lives with his sister of his former cook.

The former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in his office in Moscow, gave an interview to the German magazine Der Spiegel.

Yanukovych said that he did not give orders regarding the dispersal of protests in the winter of 2013 and accused their former environment in the intrigues against him. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“The first question about the events on the night of 30 November, when security forces beat students, Yanukovych answered the accusations against the “radicals” who were provoking the police. But then he suggested that the protests I was then the head of his administration Sergey Levochkin together with businessman Dmitry Firtash, who behind his back became Directors of the Maidan. He says Yanukovych learned about the bloody clashes the next morning during a game of tennis, while Lyovochkin did not respond to calls”, – writes the edition.

Yanukovych also reiterated that he had not abandoned his post. “I was in Ukraine, I just cut off from the media, blocked and chased me across the country,” he says.

He said that during his escape to the Crimea from Donetsk, near Melitopol, it seems to be expected hundreds of militants with heavy weapons, which should have stopped his motorcade and “shoot them all”. However, it seems to be warned.

According to official data of the Ukrainian authorities, law enforcement was not able to trace the whereabouts of the President-the fugitive.

The correspondent of Der Spiegel notes that during the conversation, Yanukovych has repeatedly confused and tried to avoid difficult issues. However, the former President openly told about the private life. Yanukovych noted that only a few times met with Russian President Vladimir Putin: “you see, my problem is not his level.”

Support it financially, according to Yanukovych, the eldest son. The politician also noted that he had divorced his wife Lyudmila after 45 years of married life. He now lives in informal marriage with the sister of his former cook, who fled from Ukraine in 2014.

As reported, the Chief military Prosecutor General Prosecutor of Ukraine has prepared an updated suspicion of the former President Viktor Yanukovych on charges of treason. In particular, during a pretrial investigation it was established that Yanukovych had sent a letter about the introduction of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine to the President of the Russian Federation and in the Federation Council.

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