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Yandex.The station will be released in new versions

Smart column Yandex.Station with Russian voice assistant Alice on Board went for more than a year ago, and while in the lineup with Yandex alternatives it does not. But soon this will change – it will be just two new speakers.

However, in their originality, there are some doubts, because the names will remain the same. The phrase is a Yandex.Station names will be added the words “Plus” and “Mini”, which could refer to the possibility of new products.

So, Yandex.Station Plus while maintaining the same dimensions can get more hardware and software capabilities, and Yandex.Station Mini, obviously, will be more compact and probably more affordable. The Original Yandex.Station, recall, is exactly 10,000 rubles, and since its release the price would not change at all, and at the moment for the money she’s got plenty of alternatives, albeit without Alice. Yandex has not commented on the information about the new columns, but, according to rumors, their appearance is expected before the end of this year.

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