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Yana Solomko worried sad

Яна Соломко обеспокоила грустным видомYana looks thoughtfully into the distance.

The former contestant on “the Bachelor,” the singer and mom of adorable daughter Yana Solomko pleased its fans with a new bold the. On his page on Instagram she has posted a rather unusual shot where you can see the play of light and shadow on her face.

The picture shows Ian raised one hand and thoughtfully looks into the distance, her lips parted, her face partially hidden by shadow. Luxurious but curls girls beautifully illuminated by the sun.

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Straw accompanied the post motivating statement. “Our mistakes are our strength … On the curves of the roots of the trees are tight!” the girl wrote.

Fans immediately admired the spectacular photos and beauty of Jana and thanked her for her wise words.
“What Yana is a beautiful”
“Yes,mistakes in life science and bitter experience….. You, Yana is a very wise and beautiful girl! Well done!”
“Duzhe rozumna said!!! VI rozumna I duzhe beautiful!!!”
“Ian, the photo is just gorgeous!”
“Game of shadows”
“Your beauty simply sawarogu!!!! NEMA SLV….. genune!!! I doruska like her mom)))))”
“As always gorgeous”
“Yes, Yana,that’s for sure .You babe,as always, you look gorgeous! All blessings to You!”
“Very single and sexy”
“My lady…)))”
“Beyonce Live”
“Oh how nice, you’re just a space”
“The last time you’ve got all sad”
“Class, Jan. Thank you for these words,deep. You’re as beautiful as ever”
“Just a goddess! Fell in love from the first minute of the show the Bachelor”

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Яна Соломко обеспокоила грустным видом

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