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Yana Solomko told, than going to do

Яна Соломко рассказала, чем собирается занятьсяSinger Yana Solomko said that he was going to devote himself to the education of the child.

The girl shared a new atmospheric images on Instagram. Adding a small post about what is going to do in the near future.

Fans began to worry about whether Yana will continue her singing career. The girl in turn hastened to reassure fans, saying that to sing she never stops. However, in the near future Solomko’s going to devote herself to her child. The singer also admitted: “I don’t want to miss any moment in her life. I don’t want the nanny translated for me what the child wants to say”.

Fans, of course, upheld the decision of the Yana and noted that she has an incredible beauty: “God, how beautiful”, “Let everything-it’s all happening exactly as you intended!”, “Right!”, “Yana, You’re a big lad!!!! Such a choice is not so easy. And it’s wonderful when I can fully devote myself to the child, and not to work of despair!!!!”

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