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Yana Solomko showed bold photo

Яна Соломко показала смелое фотоYana Solomko disappeared from social media for exactly a month.

The star decided to conduct a science experiment and take a break from Instagram.

Recently straw returned to the social network a vivid picture of the resort. On photo Jan posing in the pool, holding the hands of daughter, Kira.

The singer wins a slender figure in a stylish swimsuit, and commented on his post:

“Some people think that without social networks, you can only stay in Miami?!?) Trust me, it is not possible))

But we are with you at home, you need to learn to appreciate what surrounds us!

There are so many illusions! Girls, there is no dysfunctional families, no perfect places, it is not enough money!Learn to appreciate what you have ! And I’m sure you’ll be happy whiter!”

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