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Yana Solomko admired figure in the beautiful swimsuit

Яна Соломко восхитила фигурой в красивом купальникеThe singer decided to discuss with fans to Instagram “baby” theme.

The singer and presenter Yana Solomko who has a two year old daughter Kira, decided to discuss with fans the “baby” theme. We are talking about whether or not to sleep with the baby or put the baby separately.

The picture shows the actress posing in a bright swimsuit. Jan sunbathes on the lawn.

“A child’s dream. Every child is different. But we can from childhood to teach kids to be independent and not to be afraid. Yes, you want to sleep with a child, because it is more convenient in HS, it’s an incredible emotion, baby smell. And I still want to go to bed sometimes and sleep with Doca. But we already said “bye bye” and she goes to bed. Every mom has their own approach: someone’s baby sleeps from the first day itself (never seen problems because of this), someone is sleeping with the mother up to 10 years. Only You can decide what to do. Your love is very important for the baby, but she expressed the sincerity of the feelings, but not in time spent together at night. Scientists say that on the day the baby need at least 30 minutes a close connection with the mother. The rest of the time he explores the world and must be self-sufficient. Many experts have the same opinion about this. So, girls make the right conclusions, gain strength and raise strong, independent children. And most importantly – happy!”, – shared the star.

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Яна Соломко восхитила фигурой в красивом купальнике

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