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Yana Rudkovskaja has against ageism: “I wish that we could break the stereotypes!”

Yana Rudkovskaya

Yesterday in my Instagram, the 43-year-old Yana Rudkovskaya published a new post that provoked a strong reaction among its subscribers, the producer spoke out against age discrimination. And the reason for this publication comes from the new images of Valeria shared by the spouse of the singer Iosif Prigozhin. He is in his captions also touched on the topic of ageism, calling it “a purely Russian disease.”

Rudkovskaya admired the 50-year-old singer and shared his thoughts on the subject:

In our modern world of social networks has a huge number of judges with closed accounts, mostly women who write about my age, in the context that I wear a mini, photographed in a swimsuit. I don’t know another such country where a woman 43 began to Hatice for her age, set the formats and frame!

Comrades, you’re no longer in the “scoop” live. Angelina Jolie with me one year, Victoria Beckham is older than me by 2 years, Jennifer Lopez is older than 6 years, Madonna this year 60 years old, what?! We together with you will come to 45, and 50, and, God forbid, to 60, to 70, and if you are very lucky — and 80. And, may God grant us all look like the above my idols, but in the fight against time always wins time, not only me, but all of You, young and beautiful girls!

— wrote Rudkovskaya.

To look good in 20-30 years — it’s easy! After 40 — this is a great everyday work! I wish that we, on the contrary, demolishing stereotypes, and not stupidly wrote about what You yourself will come sooner or later!

The age has its advantages: family, children, achievements in work, life experience, wisdom, material goods — all of this came to me over the years, because of my years is my wealth, because of the fact that I now have, I can only dream of!

— concluded producer.

Subscribers Rudkovsky supported her and noted that she and Valeria, and many of their colleagues, “forty” look just fine, and those who condemn them are just jealous:

I agree 100 percent. Yana, do not pay attention to the unauthoritative opinion of You people

You’re a big lad, Yanochka. Those who write nasty things are just jealous,

Good post. But critics do not understand, criticize more often from weakness, not from the mind. You are as beautiful as a flower in blossom, stay in love and harmony for many years and give joy in its beauty,

— write it in the comments.

And you with the opinion of Yana Rudkovskaya agree?

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