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Yakut developers make a multiplayer horror about ghouls

Visually, the game looks like “our response to The Thing John carpenter’s”: cold, snow and monsters.

Studio Fntastic creates multiplayer tactical horror shooter Dead Dozen, I mean “Dead dozen.” It is symbolic that the development team at the moment is absolutely twelve, and before that they released survival game The Wild is Eight (“wild eight”). A new project of immigrants from Yakutia promises almost photorealistic graphics and the ability to play on the side of the people, and for evil, which is called here “Guli”.

The plot of the story is captivating primarily because the action takes place not just anywhere in Alaska (same as in The Wild Eight), and in Siberia:

Winter 1993. A mysterious group of 12 people is held hostage by a mysterious force in an abandoned Soviet research base deep in Siberia…

The game is multiplayer, play at the same time it can be up to twelve (what a surprise, huh?) people, and bots in General are not available. Touch gameplay anyone will be able already 8 January 2018, when there will be an alpha version. In this version there will be only one map. Original DIN will release only on PC, but in case of success possible on the console port. While I admire the first screenshots and debut teaser.

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