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Xiaomi Yuemi – cheap mechanical keyboard

The company Xiaomi has announced a new keyboard Yuemi in the style of the keyboards of the century – she is completely white and as devoid of extra buttons. But it has a Numpad, plus it is mechanical, and its price in this case will surprise many.

Mechanical and minimalistic, the new Xiaomi Yuemi is 48 U.S. dollars when ordering from China. Under every key she has is the Cherry MX Red switch, optimal for typing, and the buttons are molded from plastic RVT. This means that it is not exposed to abrasion – even after two years the buttons are like new and will not turn into polished pieces of plastic. Also the inscription is not erased.
Stroke length buttons Xiaomi Yuemi – 4 millimetre, the point actuation is 2 mm, and the force for pressing does not exceed 50 grams. The switches can withstand up to 50 million actuations, so that two or three years they will be enough. Xiaomi Yuemi works on both Windows and macOS from Apple, but with Linux it is not compatible. The keyboard has a shutdown button Win, which is important for gamers, and connects via USB 2.0, making it as versatile as possible. The only negative – there is no Russian layout, but it’s a great reason to learn blind method of typing.

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