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Xiaomi will release a router with a slot for a SIM card

The network leaked photo of the new device from Xiaomi, and this time it’s not a smartphone, not a tablet, not toilet paper (and such at it is, yeah) and not even a smart toilet brush (this yet, but the smart toilet is). Today we showed a photo of the Xiaomi router, but not simple, but with a built-in slot for SIM-card.

The router from Xiaomi have not been submitted yet officially untitled, but you can immediately assume that the problems with the popularity to experience it. purchase this router as soon as you get rid of many difficulties you’ll have to use your smartphone as a hotspot, USB modem is also not required, and even if the home Internet provider will not do their job, without this router, you will not stay.

And Yes, it’s not a fake photo in his posted Vice-President of company Tang Mu, so it’s official. The device is already being tested, therefore, before the official announcement. New Xiaomi will get a router three antennas, two of the LAN connector for wired connection and, in fact, the slot under a SIM card is an unknown format. Almost certainly has support for fourth generation networks as 3G Internet in almost 2019 – this is mauvais ton. About the cost and release date of the router to say it is too early.

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