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Xiaomi will name a new top-end smartphone in honor of oatmeal

The company Xiaomi is working on a new flagship smartphone with triple camera, and NFC chip, which received the code name “Hercules”. A mobile phone, according to rumors, will go on sale under the same name, and he did it before the end of this year.

About “Hercules” is known not so much – he definitely will get the Qualcomm processor 855, the camera from the current flagship of the Mi 9, and the module of wireless charging-enabled with Qi standard, the most popular in the world. It is likely that it will Mix the upcoming Mi 4, which may be a slider, like its predecessor in the person of Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix.

Other information of the Hercules do not exist, but there is no doubt that from the point of view of the hardware it will be similar to all the top mobile phones in 2019. We also recall that this month Xiaomi will show to the world cheap, the flagship of the Redmi 855 (working title), also on the basis of Qualcomm’s 855, but in a plastic case and not very powerful main camera. While it is unknown whether he’ll make it outside of China, but would love, since its price will not exceed $400.

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