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Xiaomi Mi promises to exchange any old smartphone to new

Xiaomi Mi обещает обменять любой старый смартфон на новыйSince March 15, Xiaomi Mi offers to exchange any old smartphone to new

Since March 15, 2018 launched the Xiaomi Mi Exchange involving the replacement of old smartphone to a new one. The user has a chance to get a new gadget for free or with a small surcharge.

The company Xiaomi for the first time conducting such an action and hoped for a successful start of the event. For many years other corporations, such as Samsung, Apple, Google, practice exchange mechanism for smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer has also decided to join their colleagues on similar terms.

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To participate in the program Xiaomi Mi Exchange any owner of the smartphone brand. To do this, find the official website of the Chinese manufacturer and to go to a special page. Next, you need to make a choice for your mobile device and you will need to answer some questions. The user will receive a estimated cost and will need to note the IMEI and other details about the phone.

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The data that will be requested on the website, you can find in the settings of the gadget or on the original box on the back. If the amount proposed will satisfy the owner of the smartphone, he will receive a coupon with a certain value. Of receipt of the coupon is required two week period to pay for a new phone with Xiaomi.

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