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Xiaomi develop universal health tester

Xiaomi разрабатывают универсальный тестер здоровьяThe device will analyze the urine of a person.

Universal tester for the determination of all problems in the body is everyone’s dream. And now, it seems that Heipin embarked on the path of its implementation.

A small instrument called a HiPee Health Smart Wizard are able to conduct 14 tests to determine the state of the human body.

He can draw conclusions about possible problems liver, kidney, blood, tendency to diabetes, and more.
All the data it receives four types of sensors, analyzing the urine.

Of course, these devices are just signs that you need to make a more precise analysis in the hospital or to go on reception to the doctor, but with the role of “alarm bell” device works.

A big plus is its non – invasive technique- no need to pierce the finger to see the level of sugar in the blood.
To the device attached program with which you can keep track of changes in indicators, as well as share them in real time with friends or relatives who, having seen the changes can cause doctor.

HiPee Health Smart Wizard has already collected the necessary sum to start production, and will gain much popularity in those countries in which it will allow, taking into account local laws and requirements for medical devices.

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