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“X-men: New mutants” is a horror movie

“New mutants” (X-Men: The New Mutants) is a spin-off of the main series “X-Men”, and have long been rumors that the film will not resemble in style to the previous picture. Now came the official confirmation from Director Josh Boone.

Yeah, this guy is going to make a real horror. In his interview with Entertainment Weekly he said, say, “New mutants” is…

…horror movie unfolding in the framework of the X-Men universe. No costumes. No supervillains. We’re trying to do something very, very different.

Sounds at least curious.

I admit I love chinoserie “X-Men”. These guys know a lot about the plot inconsistencies, but in spite of that, the franchise dragged a good Directors and great actors. Well, now, when “X-Men” enter the territory of our beloved genre, is not a sin to show interest.

The eponymous comic book series, created by Chris Claremont and bill Sienkiewicz, as you might guess, tells the story of the next generation of mutants, which replaced the team from the school of Professor Charles Xavier. Here’s how it describes the creation of the Josh Boone:

Darker and more surreal and impressionistic series of X-Men than anything we have ever seen. It’s like a mixture of Stephen king and John Hughes.

It is interesting that this comparison is often used by individuals telling about how the film is Josh Boone. “A mix of Stephen king and John Hughes”. Again, that sounds pretty good.

Unfortunately, no official synopsis yet, but the EW source close to the production, reports the following:

In a secret institution against their will hold five new mutants. They have to deal with on their own, and concealed in them a danger, and also with the sins of his past. They do not want to save the world — they’re just trying to save themselves.

Do you like it? Me — Yes.

On the script worked Knat Lee, Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weberand Boone. Castes only began to gain, but it looks good. Anya Taylor-joy, big-eyed blonde from “Witches” and “split”, will play a character named Magika, and Maisie Williams, better known as Arya stark from “Game of thrones”, will play the role of the mutant shapeshifter known as Wolfsbane (the Wolf’s curse). In addition, NAT Wolfe, starring Boone in “the Fault in our stars” can play a Cannonball, Henry. from “13 reasons why” aiming for the role of Sanspot. Rumor has it that Rosario Dawson (TV series “Daredevil”, “Trance”) is negotiating to participate in the film.

Anyway, “New mutants” we will see 12 APR 2018.

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