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Writers in Hollywood have succeeded

This morning the writers Guild producers have threatened to strike if they do not meet their financial requirements. For the audience this scandal could result in the cancellation or delay with the release of new seasons of the TV series “Chronicles of the Black squad”, “the Walking dead” and “American horror story” for the studios billions of dollars of losses. But in the end the threat has passed, as interested parties could find a compromise.

Recall that the writers Guild and studios could not agree on the terms of a new three-year contract. The writers wanted to get 530 million dollars, while the studios agreed to pay only 180 “millions”.

Naturally, the Guild has not achieved everything that I wanted, but I think this was the plan: require “lots and lots” to “enough.” As reported in the official letter of the Guild distributed to its members, the terms of the contract has improved markedly. As for the financial part of the deal, the writers will receive 530 million, but 130 million more than under the terms of previous agreements. Plus all sorts of extra favors such as additional payments after a certain period of time.

In General, American organizations of this kind have much to learn, for example, the Russian writers. For anybody not a secret that, for example, publishing house “Eksmo”, by default, offers the writer a totally onerous and unjust conditions of the copyright agreement. According to such standard agreements to the publisher for the duration of the contract, go absolutely all rights, including movie rights, etc.. the author gets the contract for the book, published with a circulation of, say, 2000 copies, a mere pittance – 20-30 thousand roubles. And even these payments are not necessarily paid in full as the can be tied to royalties (percentage of sales). I think that in the USA some of the writer’s Guild in the face of their lawyers just for the head would be grabbed, seeing a similar slave labor conditions.

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