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Writer Peter watts called the characters in the movie “Alien: Testament” the finalists for the Darwin awards

The long-awaited new product from Ridley Scott’s already in theaters. The next Chapter of the Saga of the Alien conquers the cinemas, not bad acts in the Russian hire, and collects reviews from all over the world. Do not stay aside and Zone Horror: reviews labored colleagues Pavlov and Ivanov. Reviews, importantly, positive. On the whole, the movie meet better than its predecessor, the Prometheus.

Among those who are already familiar with the “Covenant,” and the famous canadian writer Peter watts. He is considered one of the most intelligent modern writers, and therefore one of the most difficult. He never simplifies the scenes in favor of the General reader, and does the opposite. In his own words, he spent most of his adult life spent in trying to decide, be it a writer or a scientist, but eventually became their hybrid. Watts has a bachelor and master of science at the University of Guelph and his doctorate from the University of British Columbia, and he received several awards in the field of ecophysiology of marine mammals, videodocumentation and science fiction. In short, these fellows here on the idea and need to take on another planet, and not those dunce-scientists who showed us Scott. This is to ensure that the main claim to “Prometheus” was weak on the behavior of the characters. “Testament” a critical mass of reviews is not yet won, but according to watts ‘ characters and not smarter.

The Creator of a”False blind”, “Echopraxia” and cycle “Raftery” left Facebook a short comment on the motives of watching the new Alien. It is possible to tell, offered his justification (not without humor, of course) of the characters ‘ actions.

I don’t think that “Testament” was a ship of colonialists. It seems to me that they just sent all the finalists the Darwin award away from Earth, thereby increasing the IQ of the entire planet by a few points.

For those not in the know: virtual Darwin award is given for the most stupid and ridiculous death. Well, this is when, for example, on a strange planet you meet some serpentine creature, and decide to touch it. Such cases. At the same time, it should be noted, about the quality of the film, watts says. As far as the stupidity of the characters is critical – everyone decides for himself (and whether this stupidity or not). We all know that the dignity of “Prometheus” for many outweigh its shortcomings.

And you have already seen “Alien: Covenant”? Rights watts or slanders?

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