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Write a review and win a DVD “Kong: Skull Island”!

Want an island as a gift? Well, not literally “the island”, of course, and not quite in the present. Participate in our new contest, the winner of which will get a licensed DVD of the blockbuster movie “Kong: skull Island” (Kong: Skull Island)!

This is the second competition that we conduct together with friends from the site of Megacity. The first ended recently, and his conqueror in the near future we’ll send a souvenir. Megacity is a Russian Rotten Tomatoes, the leading website reviews, and movie reviews of all genres, and the Area of Horror is a leading Russian-language resource dedicated to horror and everything connected with it. In the first contest, the participants left the reviews of the film “the Mummy” on Megacities, and we published the best review in the memory and sponsored the contest prize. Now the situation is reversed – the participants of the new contest will publish their ratings and reviews we have in the Area of Horror, and colleagues with Megarotica will determine the winner and gave him his prize.

Now the points that you need to do to participate in our contest.

1. To register on Zone Horror, if you haven’t already 🙂 Registration is not complicated, you can use your accounts in social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, etc.) to speed up the process.


[b]2. To enter the site.

To enter the site!

3. Add your review/review.

Add material!

4. All! Waiting for the results!

Of course, there are some important nuances.

In the first place. We are interested in the reviews and ANY genre of movies, games, books, music albums, BUT to participate in this particular competition, including for our friends and partners from the site of Megacity could publish the announcements of your best reviews, you need to still write a review/review/review one of those movies that recently came out or will soon be released in Russian film distribution.

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Such films are few. To make it easier, we’ll just give you them all in the list (the link leads to a page with detailed info about the film):

1. Blue abyss (47 Meters Down) – premiered in Russia on 29 June;

2. 2:22 – the Russian premiere June 29;

3. The experiment “the Office” (The Belko Experiment) – premiere in Russia on 6 July;

4. The rosewood Institute (The Institute) is the premiere in Russia on 6 July;

5. Black water – Russian premiere on July 13;

6. Planet of the apes: War (War for the Planet of the Apes) – premiere in Russia on 13 July;

7. Wild story (El bar) – premiere in Russia on 13 July;

Well, in order to broaden you selection of movies for reviews and reviews, add to this list a couple:

8. The Amityville horror: the Awakening (Amityville: The Awakening) – premiere in Russia on 20 July;

9. Berlin syndrome (Berlin Syndrome) – premiere in Russia on 20 July.

Thus, your task is to write survey or review on one of these films. Or two or all nine – if you are man enough then why not?

A small request please review the RATING of the film at the 5 – or 10-point scale.

After you add your review to the site, it gets sent to us for moderation. Edition Zone Horror will appreciate your text and define it either in Fanzone to other finskim reviews, or Reviews section in the main part of our site. We look at the literacy of your materials, evaluate their content, sometimes make minor changes. The best are published in the main part of the site. It is from them, from those materials that come to us home, we Megacrystic and will choose the winner.

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What does this mean for you? What if your review didn’t get on the main, and appeared in Fanzone – so she had NO chance to win in the competition. If you have time – try to write another review on another film – and write it better 🙂 It’s kind of a hint to you, friends.

In General, combine the pleasant with the useful – see movies, write reviews and reviews, participate in the competition!

And most importantly: TIME. This contest we conduct in the period from 29 June to 13 July 2017. Only those reviews that are added by you to the site in this period, and only reviews the films we named above, can participate in the contest. Anything else will be treated in the usual way!

Phew! Like, that’s all. Go ahead, my friends! Once again, what a gig waiting for you in the course of this contest:

1. The best reviews are published on the main page, Zone Horror;

2. Announcements of these reviews are published on the website of Megacrystic (so that they will be increased the reader’s attention!);

3. The winner of the contest will get a fresh license DVD with the film “Kong: skull Island”!

© 2017, All rights reserved.

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