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Write a caption for this photo and win a DVD! [CONTEST]

“We have a long time in memory there were no contests!” – we thought and immediately decided to fix it. We’ve got a few lying around license DVD, in wrappers, not even printed. So why not to combine interesting with useful? - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The winner of this contest, we will send the DVD of the horror movie “Frozen” (Frozen, 2010). The film itself is certainly not new, but proven and quite fit. Thing is, in order to test a new competition format. If it goes, it will continue the distribution freestuff DVD’s and other prizes.

The essence and the conditions of competition are very simple. Here’s a frame from one not very well known horror. All you have to do is to come up with this photo caption – so that left at least funny (and better – that was hilarious). Their versions of the photo captions in comments. Can leave two, three, and even ten reviews with different signatures – let your imagination roam. At the end of the contest, the editors will choose the highest memory, in our opinion, the funniest caption to the photo, and the author of this signature will be sent the prize.

To sum up the results in a few days. Perhaps at the end of the week, maybe a little earlier or a little later – let’s see how interesting will be this kind of entertainment.

Well, here is a photo (clickable). What kind of text you can think of for this frame? Well, for example: “the New advertising Real Trans Hair” – let this be our version. Your options?

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