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Wow: China has stolen a piece of the route of solar panels

Вот это да: в Китае украли кусок трассы из солнечных батарейSunk.

Recently, in Jinan city built the road with solar panels where electric cars can recharge on the go, however, attackers have already stolen part of the road.

Note that the essence of this route that this road includes an induction charging for electric vehicles, with the possibility of recharging on the go. In addition, the power generating the route included a special heating system, which is able to neutralize the snow.

The construction of the highway was completed in late 2017. According to Chinese media reports, the theft occurred just five days after the introduction of the roadway.

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The creators of the innovative project were unaware that such a theft can happen, because in China used for the construction of solar panels are quite cheap. In this regard, it is assumed that innovative way could injure the competitors, to learn about the nuances of construction. However, the road already repaired – the repairs took only four days.

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