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Wounded journalist in Kiev: new details

Ранение журналиста в Киеве: новые подробностиThe Prosecutor’s office announced the suspected shooter.

The staff of the Kiev local Prosecutor’s office No. 5 reported the suspect 45-year-old resident of the capital who opened fire in a bar in Obolon and wounded the journalist.

“The attacker was detained. The man is reported about suspicion in Commission of a criminal offense under part 4 St. 296 criminal code of Ukraine (gross violation of public order based on obvious disrespect for society, accompanied by special impudence committed with a firearm)”, – stated in the message.

It is reported that the incident occurred may 5 at about 22:00 and after the introduction of the plan “Siren” the gunman surrendered to the police.

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“The attacker, being on the summer terrace of the institution, “porter Pub” at the Metropolitan Obolon, during a verbal conflict with a group of young people who were vacationing, made 6 shots from a rifle. As a result of shots, one of the bullets hit the victim, causing the last of the second degree detrital gunshot fracture of the bones of the right foot”, – noted in Prosecutor’s office.

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As noted, during the search of the car of the attacker, the police seized a carbine “saiga” N-04132530 7.62 mm ammo 7.62 mm ammo 39mm shops with a capacity of 20 rounds 7.62 mm magazines 30 rounds of 7.62 * 39 mm, two empty shops, 1 cartridge of calibre of 5,45 mm and 1 set of caliber 9*18mm.

Now the Prosecutor’s office prepares the petition for application of measures of restraint in form of detention. The sanction of article provides till 7 years of imprisonment.

Ранение журналиста в Киеве: новые подробности

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