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Worthless ballast. The Kremlin has no obligations to the population, that population they always obliged

Никчемный балласт. У кремлевских нет никаких обязанностей перед населением, это население всегда им обязано

For the most part, ordinary citizens do not consider political economy a serious subject and therefore it is not interested. And in vain. Political economy teaches that from the dominant society’s way of doing business, ways of obtaining the benefits depends on the nature of the political superstructure of social relations prevailing in the society and the relationship of government to citizens. In the ancestral tribe the Supreme value is loyalty to the leader, who with his brothers protects the territory of the feeding of the tribe against the encroachments of foreign invaders.

In feudal society the highest value is the ability of the governors of king consistently and effectively to collect tribute from the producers of wealth, enjoying belonging to a king of the land. The quality and quantity of land, too, of course, is of high importance. That is akin to breeding and competent members of society are only the shepherds-the shepherds herding their flock.

In industrial society the highest value has the number and quality of items produced goods and the level of productivity in government-controlled areas. Accordingly, increasing the value of specialists, managers and engineers are able to provide the required production parameters. At some point following this logic, born of democracy and socialism – until the social relations in society, when people are absolutely voluntarily, without coercion, are laid out for the sake of obtaining a General positive result. Something like a collective relationship within the team, if we take the analogy of sports. But in the mid-1980s the USSR leadership thought that socialism had run its course. Since then, the population and the ruling elite in the former Soviet Union are in different “teams”. More precisely, the population was generally excluded from all teams.

Are ordinary citizens in the production and extraction of wealth in modern Russia? Definitely participate in something. But what of the fact that they manufacture or produce, consume, “the Kremlin”? Cars? Planes? Yacht? Food? Clothes? Property? Cultural achievements? It is hard to imagine that Putin with his buddies or, for example, Nabiullina with some Graefe use of goods and services of domestic production.

For the production of goods and services you’ll need electricity, fuel, raw materials, technologies and skills that are needed already at the stage of product development, but this requires money, the permission to use goods for the business with turnover of resources that exclusively create a “Kremlin”. And they money is almost not divided only to the extent necessary for basic survival. For them, ordinary citizens – it is unnecessary and useless ballast.

Putin and company provides the export of our resources in the “civilized world”, primarily in Europe. And they are members of the European “team” is partly the UK and partly Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA. There their property and yachts are there to learn and live their offspring and family. And expenses from the budget for the population of Russia is just a charity, because there is no interest in the population at the “Kremlin” no. However, the “Kremlin” actually has no responsibilities to the population, this population is always required.

So many years we were told about the oil “pods”, which “will save the hard times”, and now the money committed questionable deal for the purchase by the state of public assets, such as the purchase by the government of the Russian Federation of Sberbank from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation or the Venezuelan assets from state-owned Rosneft. You can mention Sobyanin, who “did not support the idea of the distribution of financial assistance to citizens in terms of working days, because regional budgets this load will not survive,” but did not mention the responsibility of the Federal government. And, in fact, what some drool to breed? And all so clear.

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