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World of Tanks got a major update

World of Tanks получила крупнейшее обновлениеThe developers have added a new engine, new graphics, new sound.

Wargaming announced that a tank shooter World of Tanks has received the largest update in its history: the play has grown to version 1.0 and transformed by the visual and audible fronts.

According to Wargaming, along with the transition to the engine Core, the developers have created anew 29 friends cards World of Tanks, but also added one more “Calm”. In addition, the game now boasts an additional graphical effects and destructible objects, namokanii and pollution technology.

For World of Tanks 1.0 recorded a fresh dynamic soundtrack. Each of the 30 cards has its own musical theme, which develops depending on the progress of the battle. All the tracks associated with the music of the countries where are located certain locations. Wargaming offers to listen new soundtrack for free on all leading platforms, including “Vkontakte”, “Yandex.Music”, iTunes, Google Play and YouTube.

Official technical partner of the update was the company Intel. How to assure the representatives of Wargaming and Intel, the Core engine has laid a solid Foundation for World of Tanks for many years to come, and gamers will give a whole new level of experience.

In honor of the release of version 1.0 in World of Tanks, began a large-scale event “Battle road”. From 23 March to 6 April virtual tankers can earn many different bonuses as well as win prizes from Intel.

World of Tanks 1.0 is already available to PC users in the CIS.

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