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World champion of “DNR” cheered the Network with an ardent call to Putin

Чемпионка мира из "ДНР" развеселила Сеть пламенным призывом к ПутинуThe girl was amused by his statement.

The so-called honored athlete “DNR” Maryana Naumova laugh social statement about the former USSR.

“In foreign policy, I support Putin, but I think that we were too early to begin to help Syria and Donbass – then there would be less victims. We must help Pro-Russian movements throughout the former Soviet Union – still is our territory. They have to return,” said Naumov in his interview to “Eurosport”.

In the comments readers have questioned the adequacy of the athletes. “Poor girl, brainwashed specifically, but quite a child”, “she’s such a mess in my head. Will soon sit in the Duma, like Kabaeva or Kobzon”, “Stupid and dumb”, “How to understand “our territory”?”, “The phrase “former Soviet Union” is, of course, finish”, “Really, porridge in the head. All in a heap. The Donbas, Stalin, Starbucks… a nightmare”, “OK so you Need to transplant the crown, so that in 18 years for the Communist party to join,” write the users.

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