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Works “excrementory patrol” San Francisco dirtied homeless

Работает "экскрементальный патруль": Сан-Франциско загадили бомжи

In California (USA) declared the threat of mudflows and floods, heavy rains. Areas where raging fires have particularly hard, according to the program “Meteotest” channel “Russia 24”.

Destroyed vegetation, the soil lost its stability. Tents where people live, were left without housing (only in November were destroyed 19 million) can carry water.

Together disasters can exacerbate the housing crisis in the state, in November the situation the UN has called the crisis.

In San Francisco is already working extremently patrol, because public toilets and the homeless is not enough.

On the streets do drugs and defecate.

Local authorities and humanitarian organizations trying to help the homeless but so far the problem is only getting worse.

The problems of the state can reach a new level. In San Francisco is already fixed, the deterioration of the epidemiological situation of hepatitis, Salmonella. In October in Los Angeles, an outbreak of typhus. And as experts say, if unsanitary conditions do nothing, in the richest region of America could begin a full-fledged epidemic.


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