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Working the night shift leads to cancer

Работа в ночную смену приводит к онкологииNight work increases the risk of cancer.

American scientists have found a correlation between working night shifts and the formation of cancer cells.

Research has confirmed that inadequate sleep increases the risk of cancer.

In the new study, experts from the Cancer center Fred Hutchinson in Seattle found that during the night the human body produces 80% less chemicals, which are byproducts of the regeneration process of the DNA. This demonstrates the importance of sleep to restore cells.

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In their study, the researchers monitored the indicators 50 for night and shift workers and checked the level of substance concentration of 8-OH-dG, which the body produces as a byproduct of DNA repair. Then these same people were asked to work the day shift, and it was observed that the level of chemical substances increased by 300%.

Scientists have come up with the hypothesis that this effect is associated with the lack of blood running in the night melatonin – the sleep hormone. Thus, in the human body accumulate DNA damage, which leads to more rapid formation of cancerous tumors. Those who continue to work the night shift, doctors recommend to take supplements with melatonin to help the body.

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