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Workers Gas recorded a music video with a request to lift sanctions

Работники ГАЗа записали музыкальный клип с просьбой отменить санкции

“We just want to work quietly”

Workers Gas recorded a music video with a request to lift sanctions

Employees of the Yaroslavl motor plant (YMZ, is included into group GAS) has opposed sanctions against the group. To do this, the workers shot a music video for the song Gangsta’s paradise by Coolio.

“I work for YAMZ almost eight years, proud of the place of work, are proud of our team. We make powerful, reliable engines, each making this a part of their soul. I just heard about the sanctions on TV. Last year I found out that for us, workers of the enterprises of group GAS, the Americans announced the sanctions. I understand that this is all politics, and don’t want it. But how much longer can scare us, we all just want to work quietly. As for us, ordinary people to reach out to politicians?” the author writes Ilya Bondarenko.

Music plant employee enjoys for 10 years and writes rap festivals. “My idea was supported by comrades, our volunteers, Members, even the senior colleagues decided to participate. Together choose good arrangement. Written by Larissa Belova, an employee of the JAMZ that inspired the idea. And then we all made a video against the U.S. sanctions. We hope that we will hear, and will work quietly at their own plants. The Americans say that sanctions are not directed against ordinary people. But it is not! Want our video to see as many people as possible,” wrote Ilya.

Factory workers appear in the frame marked “Save GAS!” and talk about how the sanctions will affect their lives. One of the employees says that he needs to pay the mortgage and provide for his family, but because of sanctions it can “be behind”.

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