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Wool belt – help with sciatica

Шерстяной пояс – помощь при радикулитеThe zone of wool – the same “medicine” that helps to efficiently combat back problems. It is made only from materials of natural origin, so it is absolutely safe for health. Except maybe the excessive sensitivity of the skin. Wool products have no contraindications and you can wear them even without the doctor’s consultation.

Features products

Why woolen belt, despite the development of medicine and the emergence of the latest equipment for the treatment of ailments of the back, are still popular? They help to ease the period of exacerbation of the disease, are auxiliary means. Their are even people who do not have back problems. In winter the belt is made of wool will warm the lumbosacral area, save you from hypothermia, which will help to avoid ailments of the urinary and respiratory systems. It is suitable for people of all ages and professions.

Among the positive properties of zones are the following:

• no “greenhouse effect” – a natural wool breathes well, preventing the appearance of sweat;
• excellent hygienic characteristics;
• massage effect – therapeutic belt to carry helps normalize blood circulation;
• effective pain relief;
• prevention of muscle spasm.

Wool belt has a stimulating effect on nerve endings. In combination with the stimulation of blood circulation it prevents discomfort and pain in the back. Belt can be worn under almost any clothing – it is completely invisible under a shirt, sweater or loose dress. Suitable for both men and women.

When to use wool belt

Medicinal product should wear at the next ailments:

• the appearance of the effects of hypothermia of organs located in the lumbar region;
• diseases of the kidneys and bladder;
• inflammation of the spine and intervertebral disks;
• problems of the genitourinary system (in men);
• urolithiasis;
• a pinched nerve.

Doctors often recommend to buy a belt of wool for early rehabilitation after injuries.

Types of products

There are the following types of wool healing belt:

1. Orthopedic. The product supports in the lumbar spine in the correct position. It helps to equalize the distance between the vertebrae, eliminating the pinching, painful sensation. Becomes the prevention of muscle atrophy.
2. Warming. The product provides a rush of blood to the affected area, relieving pain. Used to prevent exposure of the internal organs located in the lumbar region.
3. Ionizing. In the belts of wool of this type there is a special insert, made of copper, enhancing therapeutic effect. Gradually, they warmed to body temperature into a source of ion radiation.

After putting on wool bandage effect will not keep itself waiting long. After a few minutes you will feel a pleasant warmth, and discomfort and pain will gradually go away.

For the manufacture of belts used these types of wool:

• camel;
• Merino;
• Karakul.

The sale also has medical products from sheep wool with biophotons.

Prevention and treatment of sciatica

The process of curing the disease is quite complex and lengthy. The cause of sciatica is an irritation of the nerve root. The pain sometimes may be a long time to subside. To cope with the disease, often one only drugs is not enough. To speed healing and relieve the pain will help wool belt. It has no contraindications, is harmless to the body. Some people have a natural wool can cause redness and itching of the skin, so when choosing this factor must be considered. The product has no supporting action. Before buying, be sure to remove the measurements. Otherwise, you can purchase a product that will not fit you in size.

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