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Wonders of the world which may disappear forever. Photo

Чудеса света, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. ФотоThey are on the verge of extinction.

Everyone knows the expression “Not destroyed, not create.” Most often this is true, but when talking about the cultural – historical and natural heritage of this rule shall not apply. To recreate their original form is almost impossible, so our today’s collection is devoted to ten such monuments, recognized wonders of the world, but on the verge of extinction. Their destruction is not always the fault of the people. Sometimes this process occurs under the action of forces of nature. But anyway, if You want them to see not only the photo, but in live, then I advise to do it in the near future.

Чудеса света, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

1. In the Pacific ocean 3703 kilometres West of the coast of Chile is Easter island famous worldwide for the ancient stone sculptures. To date, there are 897 statues. Many believe that their views are directed towards the ocean, but in fact it is not. All the giants look inland. Look at the amazing monuments of ancient culture and history annually attracts many tourists. But among them, alas, quite a lot of irresponsible people who cause irreparable harm to the ecosystem of the island and stone giants. Because of this, the islanders raised the issue of restriction of the flow of the curious. So if You want to see amazing sculptures personally, I advise you not to delay the trip. It is possible that very soon in order to see the sights of Easter island will have to fill a lot of documents and undergo a lot of formalities in order to prove that you did not intend to cause any harm to the island and its inhabitants.

Чудеса света, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

2. Studies by NASA have confirmed the fact that Antarctica is gradually melting. It happens pretty quickly. Of course, until that moment when the last block of ice on the continent will be a tiny puddle still far. But scientists are seriously concerned with the dynamics of this process. In this regard, adopted a number of measures in order to reduce human impact on the local ecosystem. For example, in Antarctic waters was forbidden to enter the courts with more than 500 passengers on Board. To see the icy beauty of the continent is best to contact the International Association of Antarctic tour operators. The employees of this company develop the most optimal and safe for travelers and for the ecosystem of the continent route. So is the promotion of responsible and reasonable relationship to the nature of Antarctica.

Чудеса света, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

3. Many people know about the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu, located on a mountain plateau in Peru. But very few have heard of another similar monument of Indian culture — the city of Choquequirao. The first Europeans learned about its existence in 1768. But excavations started only in 1970. The flow of tourists is very low. This is due to the fact that you can only get here on foot — walk. It take almost two days, and so to wander among the ancient ruins to be not so much wanting. To draw attention to the ancient monument of architecture and make Choquequirao available for the study of local government plans in 2015 to open a five-kilometer cable car. It is assumed that the flow of tourists will increase significantly and will reach several thousand people a day. So if you are not attracted to the prospect of wandering the crowd, hurry. Time is left not so much.

Чудеса света, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

4. Snow-capped mount Kilimanjaro extraordinarily beautiful. Little that can compare with it. This amazing volcano, located on the African continent, has dedicated her work to even the world famous great writer Ernest Hemingway. But, unfortunately, from the snow, which the author wrote, there are very few. According to recent research from the previous snow of Kilimanjaro there are not more than fifteen percent, and each year it continues to decrease rapidly. To see the extraordinary beauty of the snowy cap of the highest mountain in Africa should seek the assistance of the local travel agencies. Here you will not only help with the ascent and will provide all the necessary things, but also give reliable and experienced guides.

Чудеса света, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

5. All diving fans know about the existence of the Great Barrier reef near the northeast coast of Australia. Every year here, resting at least a thousand fans of scuba diving masks and fins. This brought the local ecosystem irreparable damage – contaminated water, destroyed many of the rare inhabitants of the reef. According to the intergovernmental panel on climate change Great barrier reef, formed over seven thousand years, may cease to exist within forty years, if human intervention in the local ecosystem will be as active and adventurous. So if you are planning a trip to these amazing places, remember that corals are extremely fragile. They should not be touched, and especially not to break the pieces “in memory”. Do not be like the barbarians!

Чудеса света, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

6. The East coast of Puerto Rico there are two picturesque Islands of Culebra and Vieques. Looking at their pristine beauty, it is hard to believe that this place is a couple of decades ago served as a polygon. American bombers practiced here bombing from the air. Numerous protests of local residents led to the termination of military trials. But the damage to the ecosystem is already irreparable. Not improve the situation and the flow of tourists. If soon not be the law on the limitation of access to the territory of the Islands, local flora and fauna will be permanently destroyed. And still have the opportunity to swim in the glowing waters of Vieques and to see the fabulously beautiful coral reef Playa Carlos Rosario off Culebra.

Чудеса света, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

7. The dead sea is considered one of the saltiest water in the world. Unfortunately, he too is on the verge of extinction. The reason the activities of local industrial enterprises, which take up to eighty percent water, which must fall in the sea. In this regard, the water level falls dramatically. Over the last hundred years it has decreased by twenty-five meters. Now this process is greatly accelerated. Local authorities are seriously concerned about this situation and plan to conduct a series of measures to save the unique water reservoir. The project is called “Red-Dead”. There is the option to “dilute” the Dead sea with water from the red. The environmentalists believe that this step will completely destroy the unique ecosystem of the Dead sea. But if you do not, then just forty years, the sea is completely dry.

Чудеса света, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

8. One of the main attractions of India is a huge mausoleum Taj Mahal, built in the XVII century by Sultan of the Mughal Empire by Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died during childbirth. Annually to look at the amazingly beautiful architectural structure attracts about three million tourists. But over the years, the Palace mosque in a state of decline, so after five years on the initiative of UNESCO cultural-historical monument may be closed for visitors. If you have the desire to admire the magnificent apartments, adorned with unearthly beauty patterns, marble colors and mosaics of precious stones, hurry. Maybe soon this will no longer be possible.

Чудеса света, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

9. The city of romantics and lovers of Venice every year is gradually disappearing under the water (approximately five millimeters annually). Even the first inhabitants was twice rebuilt the city, rising to the higher Islands. Today, the issue again arose before the local population. This is due to the deplorable condition of wooden poles, buildings, and industrial water from artesian springs and congestion of the city buildings and residents. The authorities have repeatedly tried to resolve the situation. But, alas, to no avail. According to experts, already by 2028 Venice will be absolutely uninhabitable.

Чудеса света, которые могут исчезнуть навсегда. Фото

10. Tibet – amazing mountainous country with a unique culture. In 1950, she was at the mercy of the Chinese occupiers. This is not the best way affected the development of its culture. The spiritual leader of Tibetans the Dalai Lama and many other well-known people have repeatedly raised the question of the liberation of the country. But despite all the hype in the media and loud statements, cultural values and traditions of the local population continue to mercilessly destroyed. Systematically, the Chinese government closes here access to tourists. So, if you still happen to get here, be sure to visit the Potala Palace and the Gandan monastery. They will not leave you indifferent.

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