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Women’s corpus callosum and male egoism, seated in the liver

Женское мозолистое тело и мужской эгоизм, сидящий в печенках

People without sexual characteristics just the first five weeks of his life. Dvuhgolosyj and three-centimeter fetus while in the womb, already possesses or microscopic vagina or tiny penis. It is by the presence of testicles, the doctor carrying out ultrasound at the 4th month of pregnancy determines the sex of the one who will be born.

Newborn girl on average weighs half a pound less than boys. Bone size, muscle size and of the heart, blood volume in the body women are inferior to men, her respiratory system is weaker. But the system of exchange of cholesterol it functions much better, she is less likely to “succeed”, heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, the “weak and easy” woman in all countries of the world live longer than men. According to statistics, depression is several times more likely to attend of women, but decided to commit suicide in men.

Habits, unexplained characteristic of behavior also have a pronounced “sex” color. Women always behave differently, but we are already accustomed to. Taking a bath, the man will never be like her, wrap your head with a towel. Dressing the man will wear first pants, then shirt. The woman — on the contrary. Stretching, she bends the arms at the elbows and pressed to the sides, the man usually pulls them over his head.

The ancient Greek word hysteria meant the female’s uterus. They and the disease with the same name associated with dysfunction of the uterus, which in the period of seizures was “raised” on the chest. Therefore, treated the Greeks hysteria, umasheva mouth and nose of the patient foul-smelling substance. From its smell, the uterus is supposed to “escape” in its place.

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American surgeons of the last century have been more radical. They treated hysteria by the removal of the uterus and ovaries.

The appearance of testis or ovary in the fetus of the child immediately affects all the internal organs, as it begins to produce sex hormone. The result of the male brain becomes larger women (although women more neurons).

In the occipital part of the brain is formed of so-called corpus callosum, connecting the cortex of both hemispheres. In women it is much more than men. Hemorrhage in the left hemisphere deprives man of the ability to say, women’s speech in the left hemisphere will take over the right. Apparently, a woman’s intuition owes its origin to the large size of the corpus callosum, which connects “together” activity of both hemispheres.

Next: women and men formed a “different” heart. No wonder men experience heart attacks earlier (35-40 years) and more often women. However, heart attacks do we owe the cholesterol formed in the liver, the main “kitchen” of the body.

Interestingly, apparently a cell of the liver sex characteristics can not be held, as is the case with the skin, body structure, sex organs. But the liver becomes irreversibly “female” and “male”. Therefore, the transplanted livers by gender.

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So, what’s the difference? Male liver is acting very selfish. She does not want to “give” what she received, including the “bad” cholesterol, subsequently leading to heart attacks and strokes. In female liver, as in her entire body, laid a kind of altruism. The woman actually exists for the sake of fruit that needs to ripen in her. And, feeling the fruit, to give him everything.

However, with the substances of artificial origin (xenobiotics) female liver can not cope. This is especially true of tranquilizers, psychotropic drugs. In the female body they hold 1.5 times longer than in the male. And side effects of drugs in women manifest themselves much earlier.

In essence, it is time to review modern pharmacology and produce “female” and “male” medicine. Drug concentration in “female” version should be less. For example, caffeine effect on women is much stronger and eliminated from her body slowly.

Different and the effect of alcoholic beverages. The enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, promote excretion of alcohol from the body, in the female liver is synthesized much faster than men. Therefore, this alcoholism in women is much rarer.

The difference between the sexes is strong, while working the sex hormones. With age (and a decrease in the number of hormones) a man and a woman more similar.

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