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Women who managed to survive the terrible disaster. Photo

Женщины, сумевшие пережить страшные катастрофы. ФотоTheir stories are amazing.

Many call these women lucky because they were a step away from death, but fate gave them another chance. Themselves heroine, caught in trouble, do not think so. “Better to live a boring life, regular life than to experience this “happiness”, they say. In our review of 5 women who managed to survive in the disasters.

1. Melanie Martinez (hurricane)

Женщины, сумевшие пережить страшные катастрофы. Фото
Женщины, сумевшие пережить страшные катастрофы. Фото

Melanie Martinez (Melanie Martinez) called “the most unhappy woman in America”. The fact that her house five times destroyed the hurricanes. For the first time this happened in 1965. Betsy, Juan, George, Katrina and Isaac is not the names of the friends that she makes, and the names of hurricanes. In 2012, the team of one of the reality show have built a new home for the unfortunate women. Just a few months after the housewarming party the hurricane the first category “Isaac” once again destroyed housing Melanie. By the way, the woman said that despite the disasters, it does not intend to move from this place, because she was born here and lived all his life.

2. Vesna Vulovic (plane crash)

Женщины, сумевшие пережить страшные катастрофы. Фото

Flight attendant Vesna Vulovic (Vesna Vulović) survived the fall from the plane. In 1972, as an Intern, she by mistake got on the flight Stockholm – Belgrade. The girl was mixed up with another flight attendant who was supposed to serve passengers. When the explosion occurred, Spring has been in free fall for 3 minutes flying distance 10106 meters. When the locals came to the scene, they found that one girl is alive!

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Spring received a fractured skull, both legs, pelvis, three vertebrae. 10 days she spent in a coma, and then lost his memory. About event Spring only remembered 10 years after the disaster, when the boys on the street shooting off firecrackers.

Женщины, сумевшие пережить страшные катастрофы. Фото

When Vesna Vulovic was recovered, she returned to work in the airline. That’s just a stewardess, and she be not allowed, only worked on the ground. Interestingly, her namesake Vesna Nikolic, which was supposed to be on that ill-fated flight, retired and never flew airplanes.

Itself Vesna Vulovic was grinning, when it was called the most lucky woman in the world. “If I’m really lucky, I would have never got on the plane. And so I fell from the sky, broke every bone, lost memory, four and a half years learned to walk, and I still envy you! Yeah — good luck, nothing to say”, she said.

3. Violet Constance Jessop (shipwreck)

Женщины, сумевшие пережить страшные катастрофы. Фото

Женщины, сумевшие пережить страшные катастрофы. Фото

The story of Violet Constance Jessop (Violet Constance Jessop) is incredible. This woman survived three disasters legendary ships. In 1911 Violet was adopted by a flight attendant on Board a transatlantic liner “Olympic”. Three months later the collision occurred, “Olympic” and the cruiser “hawke”. Violet Jessop moved to another ship – the Titanic. In 1912 when the crash occurred, the woman was lucky, she found a place in the lifeboat.

Four years later, Violet found work in the Future. The fate of the ship’s tragic: he went down, he stepped on a mine and Violet Constance Jessop survived again. All these misfortunes are not the frightened flight attendant, and she still worked on ships, making the trip around the world.

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4. Jenny Cairns-Lawrence (the attack)

Женщины, сумевшие пережить страшные катастрофы. Фото

Jenny Cairns-Lawrence have several times been on the verge of death. September 11, 2001, Jenny along with her husband Jason arrived in new York. The couple walked around the city and planned to visit the world trade center. Drama unfolded right before their eyes. When the twin towers collapsed due to terrorist attacks, Jenny was very near the place.

Four years later, the woman was in London. It was then that the terrorists behind the bombings in the subway. But that’s not all. In 2008, during a trip to Mumbai, Jenny Cairns-Lawrence again had to endure the attack. Militants fired several cafés, hotels and railway station, killing 166 people. Jenny was lucky enough to stay alive.

5. Ann Hodges (meteorite)

Женщины, сумевшие пережить страшные катастрофы. Фото

Ann Hodges (Ann Hodges) was the only surviving person who was hit by a meteorite. 30 Nov 1954, fragment of the cosmic body struck the roof of the house Ann, ricocheted on the radio and hit dozing on the couch a woman in the thigh. The meteorite left on the body of Ann a huge burn.

Женщины, сумевшие пережить страшные катастрофы. Фото

A splinter the size of a grapefruit immediately taken away by intelligence agencies, the U.S. air force, but the spouse of the victim, who worked as a lawyer, sued the meteorite back. After a while spouses, not dividing the meteorite broke up. Ann Hodges gave a fragment of the cosmic body to the Museum of natural history University of Alabama.

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