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Women of Venezuela sell their hair for food and medicines

Женщины Венесуэлы продают свои волосы ради еды и лекарств Your hair the day sell about 200 women.

Venezuelan women sell their hair to buy the Essentials.

200 women a day travel across the bridge that connects San Antonio (Venezuela) and La Parada (Colombia) to sell your hair.

Women from Venezuela in droves to cross the border and sell their hair in the Colombian border town to buy scarce basic necessities such as food, diapers or medication.

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The trend that has emerged in recent weeks, is another sign of the deepening crisis in the oil-rich country. Amid growing inflation, millions refuse to eat and expensive medical treatment.

Dozens of intermediaries standing on the bridge, which connects San Antonio, Venezuela, La Parada, Colombia, shouting: “We buy hair”.

About 200 women a day sell their hair in La Prada. The curls are then sold to increase in the Western Colombian city of Cali.

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