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Women lose weight with wage growth

Женщины худеют с ростом зарплатыAccording to experts of the Centers for control and prevention of diseases (CDC), more than a woman’s salary because she is slimmer.

For men this relationship is not working.

In the study, researchers analyzed data collected around the country in the period from 2011 to 2014. It turned out that the level of income and the incidence of obesity in women is inversely proportional.

The growth of earnings the proportion of women with obesity is rapidly declining. If the group being below the poverty line, obesity is found in 45% of women in the group with average income is already at 43%, with high income have less than 30%.

For men similar dependencies could not be detected. Rather, quite the contrary. In the group of men living below the poverty line, obesity was found in 31.5% of the group with an average income in 38.5%, and among men with high income — to 32.6%.

Exceptions were also black people. In this group the incidence of obesity increases with the level of income of the person. The more he earns, the more extra pounds.

The study also showed that obesity in the United States suffer 40% of people with only a high school diploma (or even with it). But with obtaining diplomas of the graduate College, the figure already amounts to only 28%.

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