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Women are tougher than men – proven by scientists

Женщины выносливее мужчин - доказано ученымиAmerican scientists conducted a series of experiments and found that physical exertion in women are much tougher men.

But that doesn’t mean they are stronger. It turned out that men really do the work faster and more productively, but women when performing the same work, you get tired much slower.

This hypothesis was confirmed by studies. For them, invited 9 women and 8 men of the same fitness level. Their feet tied to special sensors and asked me to bend them as quickly as possible. Eventually the men did the work much faster, but the duration was much less. The test used is a calf muscle as they are more commonly used in routine life.

It is not excluded that such a result can only be in this area of the muscle due to anatomical features. In this regard, the same group of researchers planning to conduct studies with other exercises to produce more accurate results.

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