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“Wolf track”: one more literary End of the world

The publishing house “AST” was released post-apocalyptic novel “Wolf path” (The Wolf Road) – loud debut of a young Brit, Beth Lewis. In the West, a book published in 2016, and she has already managed to gather many positive reviews from readers and other writers. This is another look at what happens to human society after the End of the world. This is a psychological Thriller in the scenery of the post-nuclear wilderness.

The official abstract reads as follows:

The world after nuclear catastrophe. Humanity survived, but high-tech in the past – a civilization back in the days of the Wild West. Wilful obstinate Elka was very young when a terrible storm took her into the woods. Severe hunter, harboring the girl, taught her everything he knew himself – to set traps, make traps for squirrels, shoot a gun and butcher game. And then she grew up and learned a terrible secret, shattered lives. And now she has no choice but to run, far North, gold mines, where once in search of happiness left her parents. It will be a long, terribly dangerous and arduous journey. Way in the dark. The way of the Wolf trail… the Path where the only protector and friend is a mysterious wolf with a black mark…

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The book is published in the series “Best book ever” – the same place where the previously announced “Bird box” by Josh Malerman (by the way, it has already been sold). Judging by the abstracts, this postapoc is not so hopeless as it sometimes happens; it obviously needs to feel a woman’s touch, and the plot can easily occur a fantasy (or even fabulous) items. However, the Lewis calls the book a dark. So dark, as if lost in a midnight forest. It is necessary to look, feel, and only then make serious conclusions.

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By the way, the topic of disasters and global pandemics, it seems, will never lose relevance: a couple of days ago we told you about the “Fire” Joe hill, where the world was hit by a mysterious plague called “Dragon scales”. But if the hill has long made a name for himself, Beth Lewis all ahead.

“Wolf track” is already available. The novel was published in hardcover, an illustration of which has prepared a wonderful artist Andrew Feres. Turned out very cute and with an unexpected 3D effect. It remains the case for small: to and the contents did not disappoint.

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