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Without sugar: wholesome sweet Breakfast for a slim figure

Без сахара: полезные сладкие завтраки для стройной фигурыThe failure of sugar does not mean the lack of sweet food in the diet.

In recent times many people have to give up white sugar, because nutritionists say that this product is one of the most harmful. First, to sugar used as to drugs or alcohol, that is, it is causing the most that neither is a dependence, which deal with the – so such a simple task. Second, from sugar healing quickly, it delays the fluid in the body and negatively affects the blood vessels. In General, the reasons to abandon the use of refined sugar is enough.

Experts on nutrition suggest replacing sugar with honey, fruit, berries, stevia, cocoa, milk and other natural products possessing a sweet taste.

What dishes to prepare for Breakfast without sugar?

Baked bananas. You will need 2 banana, dash of cinnamon and two teaspoons of almond oil, but is possible without it. Put the foil peeled bananas, drizzle with oil and sprinkle with cinnamon, wrap and put in the oven or the microwave for 15 minutes. Then let them cool slightly and eat with unsweetened coffee.

Berry smoothie with yogurt. In the bowl of a blender add all the berries that are in your freezer, one banana, half a Cup of natural yogurt, a pinch of cinnamon and pinch of vanilla extract. Whisk the ingredients until smooth, pour into Cup and drink.

Oatmeal. Only this time, you can make her sweet and mega delicious. In addition to the oatmeal you will need: a banana, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, Greek yogurt, pinch of cinnamon and vanilla, 1 tbsp peanut butter (paste), which included no sugar. The evening will crush the banana with a fork, add all remaining ingredients, except peanut butter, stir. Put in the fridge. In the morning stir again and add the peanut butter. Bon appetit!

As you can see, these Breakfast recipes are fairly simple, but most importantly – they contain no sugar and take care to ensure that your body remains slim.

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