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Without anger and bias

Без гнева и пристрастия

The Soviet government said: “the Youth — all our! It grandmother let him go to Church, and that the young we do not give up!”

Marks the hundredth anniversary of the young Communist League (aka all-Union Leninist Communist Union of youth, aka Komsomol). The day he died in 1991 at the age of 73 years — a man.

I would like to be fair. In fact, neither the pathos in the spirit of “Love, Komsomol and spring!”, neither the curses of the spirit there. I called a few friends, in terms of age, consisting in the League in the years of Brezhnev’s stagnation and perestroika, with the question, whether played in their lives a role the young Communist League. It turned out no kind of “range of opinions”.

“Any role! I was paying until they are dead and have not ceased to demand my dues. In what year it was, I don’t remember” (Andrew, painter).

“In my life, the Komsomol, the role played and the positive. Especially — already under Gorbachev. I came out of the army in the fall of 1986. A change of scenery, solitude, and here in “MK” read the announcement, say, invite the concerned people into the conversation about the country and the rebuilding. We gathered these 25 people, first in some DK, and then — in one of the district committees of the Komsomol.

It was an attempt of “feedback” with the youth. During perestroika in the League, something started to change, started to gather people who wanted to do something, to connect more youth to public work.

Then began to arise in the district centres NTTM (scientific-technical creativity of youth), where people started to earn, one of the leaders of such a center was Khodorkovsky. They could have a lot of money not only to earn but also to cash, the competition is not there initially, they launched a year ahead of the cooperatives. One of the instructors we have in the district Committee wanted to rent the ship and it youth activities carried out, but in the end he did as a businessman. He is now the owner of factories and ships.

As for me, I was in the district Committee as a referent for relations with “Companion”. We started to organize tours for youth in Union delegations from abroad take. Parallel to “I had medicine” — I’ve been in hospitals and clinics helped portback election meeting conduct, contributions to collect. It is already not easy, then many left to pay.

A year and a half I worked there, why did he leave, then tell me. Not all online enough. But the system was very useful, I have something from it at least took if Khodorkovsky to compare. Komsomol members now do not advertise themselves, and many of them in business and politics, thanks to the experience gained in the Komsomol” (Andrew, the owner).

“Most memorable to me, as my school refused to accept the Komsomol. The anecdote is that of the forty people in our class, no one wanted to join the Komsomol! This is the end of the 1970s, we still have two years did not wear a pioneer tie — the one I was wearing. And I wanted one in the Komsomol, I was an ideas person, and, left, the grandson of the repressed and the son of the sixties.

But because I was nakazany left, I had a difficult relationship with the school authorities. And in the class the teacher hinted that maybe I can’t. But then, the whole class unanimously voted for me: I have a Board stand, a forest of hands! And yet, the bureaucracy took his — in the school office, they turned me down. On top of that I name the first Secretary of the Komsomol Central Committee called incorrectly. Then there was the Shepherds, and I Petukhov called. Laughter and a sin.

And I was offended, so I said, well, you. So I’m in this school, the Komsomol did not enter. In the end walked away from it, he graduated from the evening stood out in school by the cabinetmaker. And there, as I was to the working class to belong to, I was immediately in Komsomol accepted. I started to carry out political information, but look, the guys not particularly interesting.

I’m still not out of Komsomol age in 1990 when everything started to take tickets. But I failed somewhere I have lying around” (Alexander, the journalist).

“The role of the Komsomol in my life is purely negative. One case I can remember. I have a birthday in the summer, when most of the people on the road. Especially in College years. And I decided to celebrate my birthday — Nikola Winter. And on this day I had some Komsomol assignment, like the PSD. Well, I said, so they say, so, I have a birthday, want to celebrate, and I was moved to another day shift.

I invited a lot of people, made all sorts of food. And suddenly I was summoned to the Komsomol Bureau: “what is this You lied! You have a birthday in August!“ I had to endure a birthday party. In the result, to me, only two people came. More I can not remember anything about the young Communist League” (Nicholas, geographer).

“I clearly remember how I was accepted into the Komsomol. Seriously it was delivered in our school. Taught principles, all sorts of documents. Learned the name of the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Komsomol — I think Mironenko was. And some things… that’s how I after school he began work as a technician in the Institute, I was sent for a month in Voskresensk for the construction of a chemical plant. It was fun.

Then I for admission to MSU needed characteristics of the district Committee of Komsomol. I went to the district Committee. Came to meet me Secretary, and I somehow caught my eye that he was in jeans! But not in our factory Vereya, but in most that on there are American, some from dealers, only sold, only the label that he had unpicked just in case! But the fact that jeans are “civilian”, then to deceive me was impossible.

He talked to me through the lip “Where to go? On Komsomol construction work?“ I nodded, the paper showed. But somehow I do it’s not very much. Overall, I think that the Soviet Union was destroyed, the Komsomol, which disintegrated. Missed the old fart of the Central Committee of the Communist party” (Alex, a philologist).

“It’s hard to say. At school, we had a sense of patriotism in General. Very bright, we had a teacher, was able to tell about the war. But rather, back to the pioneer years is. And then somehow… not really” (Mary, historian).

“Yes, we had a school ensemble under the auspices of the Komsomol Bureau, where I very actively played. I was then appointed in the school of the Bureau of head of sector radio and print. That they didn’t know about my three drive to the police station for fighting — they are not there reported. When I then entered the merchant Navy, I was immediately over the quarter-deck, and the organisation of the evening. And from my school friends, two in jail and one of them in the area slaughtered. So I’m in good hands now.

And when I talk about the dull and boring meeting, I said, “come on, guys! It was fun.“ I have two sons, the actors were indirectly to blame the young Communist League. We have my friend the farmer gathered every year on the day of the Komsomol and pioneer Day. Ties dress up! No Halloween is right” (Igor, a stove in the Kaliningrad region, in his youth the sailor).

“Yes, I’m in school Komsomol was, and when the Nizhyn pedagogical Institute he studied, became Chairman of the Committee of international friendship. We throughout the Union went with the guitars, the festival sang the song, not officious. However, in the Carpathians, in the mountains (though there are mountains and low, but still), we sang “I have a song as the wind fills the country about how the friend went to war.” It is very sincerely sounded in the mountain air. And in Uzhgorod us local guys spoke frankly, saying, “if there be trouble, posmalaysia”.

Of course, from the age of 15-16, we knew that in our lifetime many false. But to be honest, I have this question never rot and are not tortured” (Elena, a teacher from the Kaliningrad region, originally from Belarus, studied in Ukraine).

Well, genuinely pleased for those who Komsomol something helped. However, it must be noted that no NTTM in the end did not take place, and Khodorkovsky got rich on oil, like many professional scouts.

I also kept a Komsomol card (and badge — army version, adapted for screwing into the jacket). But still: here as in the ticket a large part of the pages occupied by the marks on payment of fees — so, figuratively speaking, it is in life.

In the ruling and sole party of the Communist party was a minority – those who made a career, and some workers and farmers for decency. And in the League was to consist of all in age from 14 to 28 years — minus Strahuvannya youths from the Komsomol excluded or not taken in because of bad behavior. The Soviet government said: “the Youth — all our! It grandmother let him go to Church, and that the young we do not give up!”

And what is the result? Society 1970-80’s., especially in the metropolis, it was very difficult. Boys and girls are very different: all rock-n-roll know who Berdyaev with Rozanov honored, those who were baptized in secret, who fartseval and wanted to leave, and some just wanted to live like human beings and any policy seen in the coffin. And they all, we all, had at least formally show their commitment to the official ideology. Moreover, the shrew could have a lot of trouble with the exception of this alleged majority. Not good it was light and dishonest somehow, unpleasant precipitate remained.

A youth policy is actually needed. Because, Yes, indeed, YouTube — time difficult and unsafe. Lots of problems with choice of profession and way of life, the inner doubts and worries. And need someone, in a good way “elder brother” and “young friend” who would help the Soviets, someone from suicide kept, someone, and helped a little financially, in the form of some programs.

Intrusive Soviet state with his Committee with this task was done overall pretty bad. A modern state cannot cope at all (operetta experience any “Coming together” doesn’t count). And do, by and large, not really anyone knows, even in the world.

These are the thoughts occur when you hold in the palm of a small dark red book with a profile of a bald man with a tall forehead on the cover with their own infantile photo on the back. Without anger and prejudice, as they say, “my sorrow is light”…

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