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With these simple ways you can raise the level of happiness hormones

С помощью этих нехитрых способов можно поднять уровень гормонов счастья Become aware of the methods through which you can become happier.

We all know that the body’s endocrine system is able to produce the hormones of happiness that allow us to feel good, to be in a good mood and not down on that score. These hormones are called endorphins and serotonin.

Doctors say that each person can help your body to produce more hormones of happiness. To do this he will need to try some of the methods offered by the experts. Then you can compare your mood “before” and “after”. Usually the result shocked even those who initially did not believe that you can affect your own body.

According to experts, these methods cause the endocrine system to produce endorphins and serotonin:

1. Eat something chocolate or a delicious. Chocolate contains substances that trigger the increase in the level of happiness hormones in the blood. But doctors are confident that even just a favorite food or a dish can affect the body as well as chocolate. So if there was nothing chocolate, it may even help Apple, if you love him.

2. Hour cardio workout. After 40 minutes of running, aerobics, fitness and other cardio exercises, a person begins to experience a feeling of euphoria, combined with a confidence in their abilities. Everything is very simple — in the process, cardio exercise accelerates blood circulation, dilation of blood vessels, the endocrine system produces more happiness hormones and they quickly enter the blood vessels of the brain. Plus, this kind of load enables a person to cope with stress, throwing all the anger in every movement. Hence the lovely mood of the athletes leaving the hall.

3. To relax and smile. Voltage, a hunched back, drooping mouth corners, sore eyes and other external indicators that happiness is somewhere far away, you can fix in half an hour. Simply sit back in a chair, close your eyes, dream about something beautiful and desired, then drink a Cup of coffee with a sweet, if man is to wash and wash away the negativity from the face of the woman to refresh your makeup, fix your hair. Then just smile all around, look in the mirror and smile to yourself. Straighten the back and go on to work and endocrine system will begin to help you, because you “turned on”.

4. Walk in the fresh air. Especially helpful on a Sunny day, when the sun produce vitamin D and are concerned about your mood. By the way, this vitamin just provokes increase in the level of happiness hormones in the blood.

5. To get involved. New experiences, and sometimes even extreme, will help you become happier and this has been proven by millions of people.

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